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KurznameShortnameSchiffsnameVessel NameSchiffstypVessel TypeTragfähigkeitDeadweightKnotenSpeedBaujahrYear of BuiltIn der
Flotte seit
Ownership since
MT "SHARON SEA"MT "SHARON SEA"SHARON SEATanker73.870 tdw14,7 kn200610/2013
MT "INDIAN"MT "INDIAN"MCT ARCTURUSTanker17.575 tdw12,5 kn200010/2013
MS "PABUR"MS "PABUR"PABURBulk Carrier75.378 tdw14 kn201212/2012
MS "PABAL"MS "PABAL"PABALBulk Carrier75.378 tdw14 kn201210/2012
MS "EIT PALMINA"MS "EIT PALMINA"EIT PALMINAHeavy Lift Carrier9.430 tdw15 kn20098/2011
MS "EIT PALOMA"MS "EIT PALOMA"EIT PALOMAHeavy Lift Carrier9.490 tdw15 kn20108/2011
MS "PALMAROLA"MS "PALMAROLA"CALYPSOHeavy Lift Carrier9.963 tdw16,5 kn20112/2011
MS "PALANPUR"MS "PALANPUR"AMOENITASHeavy Lift Carrier9.963 tdw16,5 kn201011/2010
MS "PALAU"MS "PALAU"PALAUHeavy Lift Carrier9.963 tdw16,5 kn20108/2010
MS "PALEMBANG"MS "PALEMBANG"PALEMBANGHeavy Lift Carrier10.041 tdw16,5 kn20105/2010
MT "PATRAS"MT "PATRAS"PATRASTanker16.744 tdw14,8 kn20075/2010
MT "PATARA"MT "PATARA"PATARATanker16.979 tdw14,8 kn20074/2010
MV PALABORAMV PALABORAPALABORAHeavy Lift Carrier10.053 tdw16,5 kn20102/2010
MS "PALMERTON"MS "PALMERTON"PALMERTONHeavy Lift Carrier10.124 tdw16,5 kn200912/2009
MS "Pagola"MS "PAGOLA"CFS PAGOLAContainer Feeder8.187 tdw17 kn200612/2009
MS "SUN BIRD" MS "SUN BIRD" SUN BIRDMultipurpose Carrier4.332 tdw11,0 kn20095/2009
MS "COMBI DOCK III"MS "COMBI DOCK III"COMBI DOCK IIIDock Ship10.608 tdw16 kn20092/2009
MT "PATANI"MT "PATANI"PATANITanker16.671 tdw14 kn20091/2009
MS "PAPENBURG"MS "PAPENBURG"PAPENBURGDock Ship3.200 tdw10 kn198611/2008
MS "BLUE GIANT"MS "BLUE GIANT"BLUE GIANTOffshore Construction Vessel6.812 tdw16 kn20088/2008
MS "PACORA"MS "PACORA"CFS PACORAContainer Feeder8.124 tdw17,0 kn20086/2008
MT "PATEA" MT "PATEA" PATEATanker16.651 tdw14 kn20085/2008
MV PANJANGMV PANJANGSPIRIT OF ENDURANCEContainer Feeder8.211 tdw17,0 kn20085/2008
MS "CONDOCK V"MS "CONDOCK V"CONDOCK VDock Ship4.760 tdw11 kn19842/2008
MS "COMBI DOCK I"MS "COMBI DOCK I"COMBI DOCK IDock Ship10.457 tdw16 kn20081/2008
MS "PARADERO" MS "PARADERO"PARADEROContainer Feeder11.194 tdw17 kn200710/2007
MS "ODERTAL" MS "ODERTAL" ODERTALMultipurpose Carrier4.507 tdw11,0 kn20078/2007
MT "PATNOS" MT "PATNOS"PATNOSTanker16.714 tdw14 kn200611/2006
MT "PATERNA" MT "PATERNA" PATERNATanker16.748 tdw14 kn20067/2006
MS "PAFILIA" MS "PAFILIA" CFS PAFILIAContainer Feeder8.815 tdw18,0 kn20065/2006
MT "PATAGONIA" MT "PATAGONIA" PATAGONIATanker16.772 tdw14 kn20064/2006
MT "PATRICIA" MT "PATRICIA" PATRICIATanker16.642 tdw14 kn200512/2005
MS "PANAVERA"MS "PANAVERA"CFS PANAVERAContainer Feeder8.503 tdw18 kn200512/2005
MS "PACHUCA"MS "PACHUCA"PACHUCAContainer Feeder9.201 tdw17,2 kn20059/2005
MS "PALAMEDES"MS "PALAMEDES" CFS PALAMEDESContainer Feeder8.391 tdw18 kn20056/2005
MT "PATALYA" MT "PATALYA" PATALYATanker16.664 tdw14 kn20053/2005
MT "PATRONA" MT "PATRONA"PATRONA ITanker16.716 tdw14 kn200411/2004
MS "PANTANAL" MS "PANTANAL" PANTANALHeavy Lift Carrier8.000 tdw16,5 kn20047/2004
MS "PANAGIA" MS "PANAGIA" PANAGIAHeavy Lift Carrier7.811 tdw16,5 kn20044/2004
MS "PALTAMO" MS "PALTAMO" PUFFINBulk Carrier37.461 tdw13,0 kn20034/2003
MS "PALESSA" MS "PALESSA" PALESSAHeavy Lift Carrier7.347 tdw16,0 kn20015/2001
MS "PANTHERA" MS "PANTHERA"PANTHERAHeavy Lift Carrier7.000 tdw15,5 kn20012/2001
MS "PALENCIA"MS "PALENCIA"CFS PALENCIAContainer Feeder7.001 tdw16,0 kn200012/2000
MS "PALATIN" MS "PALATIN" PANCALDOHeavy Lift Carrier7.072 tdw16 kn200011/2000
MS "PARIDA"MS "PARIDA"PARIDAHeavy Lift Carrier5.661 tdw15,4 kn199910/1999
MS "PATRIA"MS "PATRIA"PATRIAHeavy Lift Carrier5.346 tdw15,4 kn19995/1999
MS "PARAMAR" MS "PARAMAR" PARAMARMultipurpose Carrier4.023 tdw11,5 kn199812/1998
MS "ALLERTAL" MS "ALLERTAL"TRANSMARMultipurpose Carrier4.023 tdw11,5 kn19984/1998
MS "PASADENA" MS "PASADENA" MANAContainer Feeder4.766 tdw14,5 kn19972/1997

The vessels "ALLERTAL", "PAGOLA", "SHARON SEA", "INDIAN" and "BARENTS" are attended to by the managing owners Harren & Partner Ship Management GmbH & Co. KG , however the ownership of these vessels remains with a third party.