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The vessels "ALLERTAL" and "HANSE EXPLORER" are attended to by the managing owners Harren Shipping Services, however the ownership of these vessels remains with a third party. All information supplied without liability.

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For detail information please click on the respective shortname.
KurznameShort NameSchiffsnameVessel NameSchiffstypVessel TypeTragfähigkeitDeadweightKnotenSpeedBaujahrYear BuiltIn der
Flotte seit
Date of Ownership
MS "De-Kastri"MS "DE-KASTRI"DE-KASTRITug03/2018
MS "TYR"MS "TYR"TYRBarge03/2018
MS "REGINE"MS "REGINE"REGINEHeavy Lift Carrier11.937 tdw20 kn200907/2017
MS "ANNEGRET"MS "ANNEGRET"ANNEGRETHeavy Lift Carrier9.359 tdw20 kn200007/2017
MS "ANNEMIEKE"MS "ANNEMIEKE"ANNEMIEKEHeavy Lift Carrier9.544 tdw20 kn199807/2017
MS "GRIETJE"MS "GRIETJE"GRIETJEHeavy Lift Carrier9.360 tdw20 kn200007/2017
MS "PAULA"MS "PAULA"PAULAHeavy Lift Carrier9.361 tdw20 kn200007/2017
MS "WIEBKE"MS "WIEBKE"WIEBKEHeavy Lift Carrier9.370 tdw20 kn200007/2017
MS "FRAUKE"MS "FRAUKE"FRAUKEHeavy Lift Carrier12.007 tdw20 kn200807/2017
MS "ANNE-SOFIE"MS "ANNE-SOFIE"ANNE-SOFIEHeavy Lift Carrier12.007 tdw20 kn200807/2017
MS "SVENJA"MS "SVENJA"SVENJAHeavy Lift Carrier12.975 tdw20 kn201007/2017
MS "LONE"MS "LONE"LONEHeavy Lift Carrier12.501 tdw20 kn201107/2017
MS "ANNETTE"MS "ANNETTE"ANNETTEHeavy Lift Carrier8.914 tdw20 kn200307/2017
MS "MARIA"MS "MARIA"MARIAHeavy Lift Carrier8.919 tdw20 kn200407/2017
MS "TRINA"MS "TRINA"TRINAHeavy Lift Carrier11.941 tdw20 kn200807/2017
MS "Wind Lift I"MS "WIND LIFT I"WIND LIFT IOffshore Construction2.623 tdw201003/2017
MS "CFS PACATU"MS "CFS PACATU"CFS PACATUContainer Feeder13.760 tdw18 kn200406/2016
MS "CFS PACENO"MS "CFS PACENO"CFS PACENOContainer Feeder13.621 tdw18 kn200804/2016
MS "PACAO"MS "PACAO"PACAOContainer Feeder16.403 tdw19 kn200512/2015
MS "PACITA"MS "PACITA"PACITAContainer Feeder16.421 tdw200411/2015
MS "PACON"MS "PACON"PACONContainer Feeder16.584 tdw200510/2015
MS "PACOBA"MS "PACOBA"PACOBAContainer Feeder12.477 tdw200108/2015
MS "PACUL"MS "PACUL"PACULContainer Feeder12.477 tdw200207/2015
MS "PACAYA"MS "PACAYA"PACAYAContainer Feeder13.825 tdw19 kn200712/2014
MS "PABUR"MS "PABUR"PABURBulk Carrier76.167 tdw14 kn201212/2012
MS "PABAL"MS "PABAL"PABALBulk Carrier76.118 tdw14 kn201210/2012
MS "PALMAROLA"MS "PALMAROLA"CALYPSOHeavy Lift Carrier9.963 tdw16,5 kn201102/2011
MS "PALANPUR"MS "PALANPUR"AMOENITASHeavy Lift Carrier9.963 tdw16,5 kn201011/2010
MS "IMKE"MS "IMKE"IMKEHeavy Lift Carrier9.963 tdw16,5 kn201008/2010
MS "PALEMBANG"MS "PALEMBANG"ANNAHeavy Lift Carrier10.041 tdw16,5 kn201005/2010
MT "PATRAS"MT "PATRAS"PATRASTanker16.744 tdw14,8 kn200705/2010
MT "PATARA"MT "PATARA"PATARATanker16.979 tdw14,8 kn200704/2010
MS "HILKE"MS "HILKE"PALABORAHeavy Lift Carrier10.053 tdw16,5 kn201002/2010
MS "PALMERTON"MS "PALMERTON"PALMERTONHeavy Lift Carrier10.124 tdw16,5 kn200912/2009
MS "SUN BIRD" MS "SUN BIRD" SUN BIRDMultipurpose Carrier4.332 tdw11,0 kn200905/2009
MT "PATANI"MT "PATANI"PATANITanker16.671 tdw14 kn200901/2009
MS "BLUE GIANT"MS "BLUE GIANT"BLUE GIANTOffshore Construction6.812 tdw15 kn200808/2008
MS "PACORA"MS "PACORA"CFS PACORAContainer Feeder8.124 tdw17,0 kn200806/2008
MT "PATEA" MT "PATEA" PATEATanker16.651 tdw14 kn200805/2008
MS "PANJANG"MS "PANJANG"CFS PANJANGContainer Feeder8.211 tdw17,0 kn200805/2008
MS "COMBI DOCK I"MS "COMBI DOCK I"COMBI DOCK IDock Ship10.457 tdw16 kn200801/2008
MS "PARADERO" MS "PARADERO"PARADEROContainer Feeder11.194 tdw17 kn200710/2007
MT "PATNOS" MT "PATNOS"PATNOSTanker16.714 tdw14 kn200611/2006
MT "PATERNA" MT "PATERNA" PATERNATanker16.748 tdw14 kn200607/2006
MS "PAFILIA" MS "PAFILIA" CFS PAFILIAContainer Feeder8.815 tdw18,0 kn200605/2006
MT "PATAGONIA" MT "PATAGONIA" PATAGONIATanker16.772 tdw14 kn200604/2006
MT "PATRICIA" MT "PATRICIA" PATRICIATanker16.642 tdw14 kn200512/2005
MS "PANAVERA"MS "PANAVERA"CFS PANAVERAContainer Feeder8.503 tdw18 kn200512/2005
MS "PACHUCA"MS "PACHUCA"PACHUCAContainer Feeder9.201 tdw17,2 kn200509/2005
MS "CFS PALAMEDES"MS "CFS PALAMEDES"CFS PALAMEDESContainer Feeder8.391 tdw16,0 kn200506/2005
MT "PATALYA" MT "PATALYA" PATALYATanker16.664 tdw14 kn200503/2005
MT "PATRONA" MT "PATRONA"PATRONA ITanker16.716 tdw14 kn200411/2004
MS "Pantanal"MS "PANTANAL"PANTANALHeavy Lift Carrier8.000 tdw16,5 kn200407/2004
MS "Panagia"MS "PANAGIA"PANAGIAHeavy Lift Carrier7.811 tdw16,5 kn200404/2004
MS "PARAMAR" MS "PARAMAR" PARAMARMultipurpose Carrier4.023 tdw11,5 kn199812/1998
MS "ALLERTAL" MS "ALLERTAL"TRANSMARMultipurpose Carrier4.023 tdw11,5 kn199804/1998

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