SAL gets a new sister – SAL Engineering

There is a new kid on the block: SAL Engineering GmbH – an independent engineering house within the Harren & Partner Group.

SAL Engineering GmbH is established as an independent Engineering house within the Harren & Partner Group. SAL Engineering becomes a sister company to SAL Heavy Lift GmbH, and is utilizing from the know-how, and practical experience that has been obtained over the past 35 years creating engineering solutions for the worldwide recognized project carrier.

There is a new kid on the block, yet it builds on a foundation that is very well established with over 35 years of operation. A new chapter has begun within heavy lift & marine engineering. SAL Engineering GmbH is opening as an independent engineering house, offering highly specialized technical engineering, consultancy and site support services. SAL Engineering does therefore not set off as an industry newcomer. With thousands of realized projects for SAL Heavy Lift, the company is already having solid experience to present from its first day of operation.

Karsten Behrens, General Manager SAL Engineering states: "I am very happy about bringing SAL Engineering to market. For many years our team has been developing heavy lift solutions to customers world-wide - but always in combination with cargo bookings on company tonnage. Now we can also deliver it as an independent service - and with a wider scope, not only to our industry, but to multiple industries."

SAL Engineering will offer services within three business fields: Engineering, Consultancy and Site Support & Surveys. Amongst these fields, services such as structural designs and hydrodynamic calculations, design reviews and FEED studies as well as cargo operations and condition surveys can be mentioned as a few within the palette of competences.

Axel Urban, General Manager SAL Engineering explains: "We have some of the best minds in our industry. Our team consists of naval architects, master mariners, structural and welding engineers and hydrodynamic experts, that in combination can develop fully customized solutions within all disciplines of marine engineering and heavy lift transportation. Our solutions are rooted in practical experience - resulting in an efficient and cost-effective result. We know how to put a concept into realization."

SAL Engineering can support a wide range of industries enabling many to benefit from the comprehensive service levels. It is recognized that technical pain points may exist in a broader range of businesses, even outside the heavy lift and marine construction sector. And here SAL Engineering seek to offer its services as well.

Heiko Felderhoff, Managing Director SAL Engineering adds: "The bandwidth of businesses that can benefit from our services are actually quite broad - we can supply technical designs and execution models to EPC houses, support other ship owners, but also provide vital services to financial institutions and public authorities just to mention a few. By providing comprehensive optimization solutions to industries that have stake but not necessarily direct know how, SAL Engineering may prove to be-come an important business partner. And as we offer services both as packages or as customized solutions there is an effortless way forward for anyone seeking our services."

The engineering support to SAL Heavy Lift will remain unchanged. Customers can still expect the same level of technical solutions which has always characterized the service from SAL.

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