Natalie Jones

General Manager, Intermarine Brazil (Sao Paulo)

I act as General Manager (consultant capacity) in our Sao Paulo office since its inception one year ago (March 1st 2021). There I structure, coordinate and guide the local Intermarine and JSA team to appoint the agencies, service providers and representatives to offer the best possible service to our clients. I furthermore am responsible for the development of our business strategy in Brazil and present forecasts for future growth potentials and market demands.
Shipping for me started as lucky first job that became a lifetime career. From the beginning there were very few women at shipping events and meetings but slowly this has changed which is very positive. However, I never found it to be especially challenging or awkward even if many times I was the only female in the group. Fortunately, I was always received very respectfully and equally among my peers.
In the way of doing business, I think that probably women have a “softer and gentler approach”.  For me, it is important to be firm, but it is not necessary to be aggressive. I also tend to think that women are more adept at organizing and pre-planning – even though it is not something I personally excel at – so I rather not to focus on this kind of stereotyping.

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